Stalked Book by Tino Struckmann
Tino Struckmann Stalked Book


About the author Tino Struckmann

Tino Struckmann has been involved in the personal protection business for over fifteen years, his first assignment coming at just eighteen years of age. He has trained nationally and internationally and received instructor certification. He now teaches personal protection to security professionals around the world.

In addition to security training, Tino owns an international security firm, International Special Service, Inc. He has either worked personal security or as team leader for numerous celebrities and VIPs including Microsoft founder Bill Gates, actor Robert DeNiro, singer Gloria Gaynor, model Naomi Campbell and singer Sir Cliff Richard. International clients include the Saudi Royal Family and Danish Queen Margrethe.

At the prestigious Marriott in Copenhagen, Denmark, his company provided 24-hour security for the concert tours of Britney Spears, Cher, The Rolling Stones and others, as well as U.N. officials attending high-level meetings. International Special Service, Inc. is contracted by international fashion designers and regularly used to secure elite fashion shows.

Tino dedicated over a decade of his life to the Army, serving alongside reconnaissance units and military police. During his service, he also attended the ARMY Academy and worked for the United Nations during their deployment to Eritrea, where he trained units in tactical shooting and security escort.

When not writing or working with his charity, Tino has taken to film producing and is seen on several popular TV series. Currently Tino is preparing to film a documentary film series of untold stories from World War 2. In addition to his career and his interest in the welfare of women, Tino works hard to support womens safty awareness pograms, shelters and military Veterans Tino have founded the Struckmann foundation in order to raise funds for rape victims and military and police families left behind.


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